It has never been easier to get your kids up and moving with the Zenergy Starter Kit.

The wildly popular school program that combines yoga with superpowers.

Zenergy Starter Kit

Since Zenergy was launched in California it has been a smash hit with the 100s of teachers and 1000s of kids that have participated in the program.

Now the wildly popular Zenergy program is available in an easy to implement Starter kit. Each kit includes a class DVD and a teacher's resource CD that includes an entire class program in a box.

This Zenergy Starter kit contains everything you will need to introduce the Zenergy program to your kids. It will guide you in developing health and fitness programs for kids 12 and under. Improve student's confidence and increase their interest in physical activity by empowering them to lead healthy lifestyles with the Zenergy Starter kit. Learn more about the Zenergy Program.

Zenergy Starter Kit: Price: $75.00


On the Zenergy Class DVD you get:

"It is a complete class program in a box- a treasure chest of materials"

Natalie - Program Director KYDS

"They learn to get a really high self esteem"

Maggie - Zenergy teacher

"It is not your typical kids’ sports or fitness program; it brings a whole new aspect to our afterschool program."

Hong - Program Director Woodcraft Rangers

"It gets better and better every time"

Courtney - Program Director Kids Country

"They were so proud of themselves and I was proud of them"

Aubrey - Zenergy teacher

"I have never seen them so serene"

Lissette - Zenergy teacher

"I love making up my own superhero poses and playing all the fun games"

Oscar - 8 years old

"I love the class it is awesome"

Sophia - 6 years old


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